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About Us

NLP Solutions™ is a client-focused consulting firm with offices in Los Angeles, Newport Beach and Modesto, CA. Founded in 1990 by Dr. Geni Boyer as Boyer Associates, LLC, our first years were dedicated to helping organizations navigate the waves of economic growth and transition to a technology-based world. Geni’s expertise in strategic planning and change processes coupled with our direct approach to finding success propelled us onto the national scene allowing us to assist government agencies such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, the National Partnership for Environmental Technology Education (PETE), the Pacific Region Educational Laboratory (PREL), the U.S. Department of Energy, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), dozens of school districts and the Alaskan town of Kotzebue, in the Northwest Arctic Borough. Since those early days, our company has continued to grow, expanding services to Canada, enriching our core expertise and utilizing the latest technologies to serve businesses and organizations. Expansion into other areas of service has given us other opportunities to learn and give back.

Geni’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for teaching and helping low income children and families better their lives, led her to open a tutoring arm of her consulting business that would focus on underachieving students. This business flourished and expanded over the years to serve thousands of low income, diverse students in 55 communities across California. In 2011 when the education industry lost its financial appeal due to the national economic stress, Geni sold the educational arm of the business to provide greater attention to developing the personal and organizational coaching branch of the company. She and her team of organizational experts obtained certifications in Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP) and Behavioral, Motivation and Acumen coaching to address current day organizational and work team challenges utilizing, as is her style, cutting edge tools and research- and scientifically-based strategies. NLP Solutions™ is the new edition and face of her well established business organization.

Growth and change impact every industry and business. Our fluid model for success enables leaders to build strategies for success grounded on a winning state of mind, effective communication, modeling world-class performance and managing change effectively. We teach and help construct high-performing teams, encouraging creativity and having courageous conversations. Our workshops and coaching sessions equipping staff and professionals with tools and hands-on practice have transformed team communication and efficiency, individual employee performance, customer service and increased sales in every organization we have worked with.
Our team of specialists, behavior analysts and leadership experts work with clients individually, offering private coaching sessions, or with organizations and teams.

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