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Consulting & Coaching  -  Who Are Our Clients?

  • CEOs, Executive Directors and Managers of Businesses and Not-For Profit Organizations

  • Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs

  • Educators, Parents and Youth who are searching for the right career that matches their talents and interests

  • Sales Professionals and Individuals who want to overcome the barriers that hold them back from the success they know they are capable of achieving.

Leadership & Success Coaching

Professionals who want to increase their personal power, influence and income by learning how create greater rapport with their prospects and clients, how to identify their clients' decision-making strategies and adapting their presentation and behavior to achieve the results they are after, and learning how to communicate persuasively in person, on the phone and via email.

Individuals who KNOW that they could achieve the success they are capable of if they could only overcome their fears, insecurities, unproductive habits and doubts that hold them back.

Business Solutions
(For-and Not-For-Profit Organizations)

Business Owners and Organizational Leaders who want to improve profits, increase their client base or services, improve staff performance or enterprise well-being.


CEOs who want increase their leadership and influence skills or who desire to hire the right people and avoid the high cost of poor performance.


Entrepreneurs who started a successful business but feel "stuck" and frustrated because they have difficulty taking their business to the next level.

Organization and Team Success

CEOs and Managers who want to increase the effectiveness of those they lead and supervise.


Team Leaders who want to solve “people” conflicts and improve communication and goal achievement on their teams.

Negotiators and Influencers who want to learn the NLP language of influence and how to bring a group to consensus and achieve WIN-WIN outcomes.                                                                                           


School, Youth and Family Solutions

Educational Institutions that want to address student behavior

and motivation issues, increase parental engagement and teacher effectiveness with hard-to-reach students.

Families who want to learn how to influence the behavior of their children, establish productive life habits, improve communication and strengthen relationships, especially with their teenage children.

College Age Youth who are searching for the right career path and need help identifying their strengths and options.


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