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The NLP Solutions™ team of experts works with schools and colleges facilitating student engagement, career surveys/assessments and coaching, student leadership coaching, student senate training and development, students behavior issues, teacher communication styles analysis and training, effective communication seminars for leaders, and family engagement training and events.

The role of the family is essential to student success, thus the NLP Solution's approach to integrated student-family-school intervention and focus in order to facilitate effective student engagement and school success.


Seminars and workshop are held in Spanish or English.

Solutions in Education: Student Engagement, Leadership and Career Choices


Family First Series: Elementary, Middle and High School Students

Family Engagement in Education Series

Family First Series facilitates parent training, family communication, school-family alignment and student career coaching at 3 levels: Elementary, Middle School and High School.

Family First Elementary: Parenting for Success
A series of workshops and events that equip parents with the knowledge and tools to develop in their children desirable habits, strong self-esteem and skills for success in school.

Family First Middle School: Communication for Success
Workshop modules focus on the challenges and opportunities of raising teenagers and solutions for communication, home environment that develops positive self worth, prevention of aggressive behavior and abuse as well as teen and family preparation for career paths.

Students have the opportunity to take the Excellence in Learning™ behavior and career choices survey and participate in a family debriefing session facilitated by an NLP Solutions™ coach.

Family First High School: Plan for Success
Parents and students learn about career choices and the behaviors, personal skills and habits that lead to a successful college experience and career path.


Students complete the Career Planning Insights™ survey and  collaboratively with their family and teachers, develop a career plan for their future.

Family Engagement Seminars

  • Family First Seminar Series (Elementary, Middle and High School)

  • Family Connections: Strategies to Communicate with Your Teenagers

  •  Bullying: From Fear to Strength – Parent and student personal skills and emotional health equipping series

  • Know Yourself: Career Choices and self-worth builders for teens

  • Teenage Self-Esteem Develops at HOME -  Role of parents during the child’s IMPRINT period (0-7), MODELING period (8-13) and SOCIALIZATION period (14-21)

  • Successful Parenting Series – Classes focused on the needs, challenges and age-appropriate best practices to raise strong and emotionally healthy children

  • School-Family Alignment – Successful strategies to engage parents in the education of their children

College and Career Solutions

Teacher Communication Styles

College Solutions


NLP Solutions™ Behavior Analysts coach students on communication, personal skills as well as behaviors that help them achieve the success they desire. Talent Insight™ and Success Insight™ assessments help students identify their style and understand how they can best use their talents.

Student Organizations, Student Senate and Clubs benefit by increasing team effectiveness, communication and results.
Student participants learn the benefits of applying a behavioral communication model that allows them to understand their own behavioral design and recognize, understand and appreciate others’. They learn how to adapt their communication and behaviors for enhanced communication, understanding, relationships and results.

College Level Seminars
NLP Solutions™ specialists offer workshops and seminars for students, staff and parents.
College Level Seminars focus
on learning and applying the behavioral communication model:

  • Team Building for Student Leaders
  • Student Senate Training and Equipping
  • Student Council Training
  • Dynamic Communication for Teams

Teacher Communication Styles

Teachers are role models of how individuals interact with each other. They must respond to many different behavioral styles in a single day.

By understanding their own behavioral tendency, a teacher can learn to create an environment that supports behavioral style differences, rather than “teaching to the masses” and limiting individual potential... and becoming frustrated because students are not learning as expected.

Communication Styles Teacher Reports show teachers how to easily adapt their communication to reach all students.


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