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Research-Based Solutions

NLP Solutions™ experts provide training and coaching solutions to business professionals and organizations helping them communicate with more impact, align goals to enabling behaviors and strategies, and thus, achieve greater results.
We utilize the latest business tools, strategies and knowledge of human behavior, motivations and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to deliver the best solutions for each situation and client.

What is NLP?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro is all about what we think... our thoughts.

Linguistic is all about what we say, both verbally and non-verbally.

Programming is all about what we do.​


NLP describes HOW what we say, think and do interplay and affect our body, our behaviors and our results.

Our interventions, scripts, teaching and coaching MODEL is based on and utilizes NLP strategies, influencing language and, when appropriate and requested by clients, NLP processes to overcome limiting beliefs and decisions that prevent individuals from achieving the success they desire.

Areas of Expertise

Individuals and Teams

• Effective Communication

• Success Coaching

• Sales and Influence

• Team Development and Productivity

• Conflict Resolution

• Negotiations and Win-Win Solutions

• NLP Life Coaching

Business (For and Not-For Profit)

Stages of Growth Organizational X RAY

• Job Matching and Hiring Solutions

• New Employee Development

• Job-Related Development Plans

Leadership Development

Organization/Team Focus and Productivity

• 360 Organizational Surveys


Schools, Youth, and Families

• Family First Series: Successful Parenting

• School/Family Relations

• Behavior Issues (bullying, defiance, etc.)

• Parental Engagement in Education​

• Youth Career Coaching

• Teacher Communication Styles

• Team Building for Student Leaders



Communication and Influence

Organizational Growth and Health

Grant writing

• Leadership

• Team development

• Sales

• Parent Engagement



​​​Our most important and valued partners are our clients with whom we work side-by-side to achieve and exceed the results they desire.

Whether they be professionals who want to increase their communication, influence and profit, sales teams who want to top the performance charts, businesses who have difficulty hiring the right people for the job they need and lose money due to poor performance, or educational institutions needing to improve student behavioral outcomes and family engagement, each client becomes our personal mission for success.

​Our partnership with TTI Performance Systems™, Ltd., the world leader in research- and data-driven Web-based assessments, tools and processes for personal and business development, allows us to provide for each of our clients the superior service, support and results they expect and we are known for.​

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