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Specialty Seminars

This module of seminars is tailored to address specific needs and challenges business professionals face in the workplace. Our team of consultants ​specializes in multicultural and racial issues, women in the workplace, conflict resolution and technical grant writing.

Shatter the Glass Ceiling!
Personal, Interpersonal and Leadership Skills for Women​​​​​​

Participants will understand the essential behaviors, skills and strategies needed to shatter the “glass ceiling” and learn how to navigate successfully the executive business world. They will learn the basic communication and influence language that will help them achieve greater results and success in life and work.

Your Attitude Is Showing™

Team Conflict Resolution

The workshop focuses on helping participants address conflicts and facilitate differences of opinions on teams by understanding how to see others’ points of view.


Participants will clearly see how they view the world and understand how to look at the world through someone else’s eyes. This understanding allows them to discover how to improve communication and avoid/minimize conflict.

Get Your Grant Funded!

Successful Grant Writing

This workshop is taught by Dr. Boyer whose grant writing skills have resulted in MILLIONS of dollars in grants for clients. She shares with participants the secrets of writing grants that GET FUNDED!

Participants learn how to “think through” the grant writing process, do their due diligence, figure out their unique “angle” and map out the grant writing approach and process.

Tips and how-to’s; strategies to figure out what the grantor is really looking for; persuasive language style that sells your ideas and gets you maximum funding; specifics on how to write strong, measurable project objectives, performance measures and develop a comprehensive evaluation plan; plus samples galore are but a few of the juicy and effective tools you will receive and learn.

This is the best workshop for those interested in getting their projects FUNDED!

                           NOTE: One-on-one or group teaching/consulting

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