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Business Seminars

NLP Solutions™​ consultants work with businesses and organizations to design seminars that specifically address their needs. Following are the most popular topics and seminars. Please contact us to schedule a training session for your staff.

Dynamic Communication™

The purpose of the seminar is to help participants win and achieve greater success in life and work by:


~ becoming aware of their own communication style and that of those around them.


~ learning how to adapt their communication strategy, language and presentation approach to match that of their client's.


Participants will have the opportunity to take a behavioral survey and receive a Personalized Report that will not only identify their behavioral style and motivators but also provide specific strategies to communicate with others; suggestions to address "time wasters" in their business careers; and communication "Do's" and "Don'ts."


Sales Skills: Do You Have Personal Power and Influence?
          Influence + Tools = $$$$$$

Each person has a different buying and selling approach. Sales professionals generally sell the way they want to be sold to, without realizing that their prospects may have a different buying strategy.

Participants identify their own buying/selling approach and learn how to identify their clients' as well as language that influences decisions and motivates action. They receive “cheat sheets”  that will help them remember how to figure out if their prospects are looking for RESULTS, SECURITY, THE EXPERIENCE or INFORMATION.

Successful Team Performance

Teamwork has always been an important part of the success of any business. Teams are designated to accomplish more work in less time and become capable of handling all aspects required for success.

Individual motivators play a huge role in how team members communicate with each other. Thus, understanding HOW to communicate with individuals who do not think or behave like us, is crucial to the success of any team.

A Team Motivators™ Report helps detail the factors, characteristics and potential areas of conflict within the team which help participants understand and learn how the team can achieve increased productivity and overall team cohesiveness.

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