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Solutions to your Profit, People or Growth Challenges

Designed for Business Owners, CEOs and Executive Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations


Diagnose, Predict & Solve Your Company’s Challenges

 How?  Conduct a Stages of Growth X-RAY of Your Organization



What Is It?  The Stages of Growth X-RAY (SOG X-RAY) is a laser-focused management and predictive tool and process designed to improve business growth and performance.



 What Will  the SOG X-RAY Do?   It will help your company improve its:

·     Profits

·     Executive decision making

·     Staff performance

·     Enterprise well-being


This research-based and cutting edge Planning Program is intended to help the CEO and his/her management team to stay ahead of the company’s growth curve and will help the CEO:


  • Focus on the right things at the right time. 


  • Zero in on the Company’s Profit Zone by identifying the 9 activities of a successful and growing company’s profit zone.


  • Create a proactive plan to help each person see how his/her job impacts the bottom line.


  • Gain clarity of where a company is today and why the company may be experiencing specific growth issues.


  • Align the management team which allows issues to be identified and addressed sooner.


  • Look behind, examine today and look ahead to see what’s creating obstacles to growth.


  • Create a language of growth that will resonate with every single person in the company.








You CAN Proactively  Manage Growth  and Increase your Profits!

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